Thursday, April 14, 2011

You're not alone...?

In the midst of the depths, you thought you were all alone with the fishes and sea horses. You thought wrong.

Today, a stranger will approach your newly created shelter. That person has all the same abilities as you and has been given directions to survive just as you have. The only difference between you two speak different languages. It is your choice if you want to take this stranger in and help them, but you both must survive.

Consider that you have been able to survive on your own for this long already. Can you support two people and house another person in your modest shanty?

Remember, success in this game depends upon both of you surviving, but it your choice on how you want to accomplish that goal.

Underwater Adaptation

Now that you are acclimated to the depths of the deep, it is time for your first challenge.

Everyone needs somewhere to sleep, so it is your challenge to find materials and build a shelter that will offer your safety from sharks but allow your friendly sea horses to still come in.

The only tools available are those that you can find under the water. Remember to not harm the coral reefs!

Sushi is a fantastic delicacy in many parts of the world. Lucky for you, you are surrounded by delicious fish that would be a premium price at Katsuya. So make yourself a spear and get your snack on.

Here is your start, make yourself comfortable so that you can sustain yourself for the days ahead.

Welcome Underwater: Day 1

It is your first day in the depth of the deeps, you might want to take out all of your technologies because your phones, ipods, ipads, computers and any other comfort of home does not work underwater. You are now on your own, you won't need an oxygen tank, you will be wearing a chip that allows you to breathe and see clearly underwater.

Get ready for a world totally different from life above sea level, you will be challenged like you have never before.